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Albert Brown was an English house mouse. A resident of the Skirtings, he was the father of Audrey and Arthur Brown and the husband of Gwen Brown.

One day, Albert had succumbed to the magical powers of the Grille in the basement of the empty house in Deptford and wandered into the sewers. Frightened and alone, he remembered that the Great Spring Festival was approaching; that year his son and daughter would receive their mousebrasses, and he would probably miss it.

Trying to find his way out of the sewers, Albert stumbled across Piccadilly, a young grey mouse from the city, and the two quickly became friends. The two soon came upon a large chamber in which was a portal with a candle on each side. They both realised that this was the altar of Jupiter. As they listened, Jupiter's lieutenant, Morgan, was discussing something with the being in the darkness.

Albert decided to go closer so he could hear the conversation more clearly, ignoring Piccadilly's protests. Albert was quickly caught by Morgan, and Jupiter ordered his lieutenant to give the mouse to him so he could peel him himself.

After telling Piccadilly to run, Albert also tossed his mousebrass at him, instructing him to give it to "Gwennie."

When Piccadilly met Audrey and told her what happened, she became angry with him and didn't want to believe that her father was dead. But after Jupiter was defeated, the spirit of Albert appeared to her, and she finally accepted his death.

In the end of The Final Reckoning, Albert's ghost appeared once more to Audrey, telling her that he loved her, her brother and her mother, and that he understood the affection that was growing between Gwen and Thomas Triton and wished them joy. Then he led the ghost of Piccadilly to the other side.