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My Mistress, the Starwife, she ... she'll send an army to find me.
―Ambrose to Morgan

Ambrose was one of the grey squirrel sentries in Greenwich Park. He served the Starwife and then her successor, Audrey Scuttle. His best friend is Fitz, another squirrel in the Starwife's service.


Role in Fleabee's Fortune[]

Ambrose had the misfortune of being caught by the rats and taken to the sewers for their Festival of the First Blood. He was intended to be a victim for the ratlings. After being cruelly taunted by Morgan, he was let loose to be hunted down.

While trying to escape, Ambrose stumbled upon the ancient, abandoned temple to the Raith Sidhe, and hid there in the darkness. Whilst being guided by Mabb, Fleabee entered the temple and found Ambrose cowering behind one of the altars. It became clear to her that Mabb intended for her to murder the terrified squirrel and offer him as a sacrifice. Having refused to kill for Jupiter, Fleabee also refused to do so for Mabb. She and Ambrose then escaped the sewers together.