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That's Bauchan - the artful one. He wears whatever head he likes - master of disguise he is. A great liar.
One-Eyed Jake

Bauchan is one of the three ancient rat gods that make up what is known as the Raith Sidhe. He is a trickster who can take on any form he likes to walk unnoticed in the world. At present, the spirit of Bauchan is imprisoned within one of the stone skulls at the gateway to St Nicholas Church in Deptford. There he will stay until he is summoned again.[1]


Bauchan has no set appearance as he is a master of disguise who can look like any creature. In art, he is depicted as a rat without a head, sometimes with many heads before him for his choosing.



During the time when Jupiter returned in spectral form, Bauchan appeared as an old rat known as Barker. He acted as though he was barking mad, hence this alter ego's nickname. His mission was to learn the strength of Jupiter so the Raith Sidhe could determine how easy it would be for them to defeat him and return to power. Believing him addled and harmless, Piccadilly befriended Barker and it seems that Bauchan truly respected the young mouse. He told the Starwife after Piccadilly's death that he was grieved by his passing and that the Raith Sidhe value bravery in creatures whether rats or not. It is heavily implied that Bauchan's return was facilitated by One-Eyed Jake murdering Fletch as a sacrifice to him in the Temple of the Raith Sidhe.

Rat Zodiac[]

Bauchan governs a portion of the constellations in the Rat Zodiac. The moon enters the house of Bauchan on the 3rd of October every year and leaves it on the 15th of February. His signs include The Skull, Discord, The Bluebottles, and The Vagabond.[2]

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