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She was a lovely creature whose fur was a subtle tortoiseshell and when she opened her tiny mouth to mew it was the sweetest voice ever heard in that dreary churchyard.
―Description of Dab

Dab was a tortoiseshell cat, the daughter of Imelza and the mysterious Imp. She was the sister of Jupiter and Leech, and was given her name by William Godwin because of the dabs of colour all over her coat.


Dab was born on 13 December 1664 in the churchyard of St. Anne's along with her brothers Jupiter and Leech. Widow Mogs, the feline midwife who delivered her, noted how beautiful she was and remarked that she would turn many heads when she grew up.

William Godwin found Imelza and her kittens and brought them back to the apothecary shop of Elias Theophrastus Spittle where he was forced to work. He convinced the old alchemist to keep them when he suggested one could be his familiar. Spittle chose Jupiter, having no interest in Dab due to her being female.

Spittle favouring Jupiter caused a major rift between the latter and Leech, whom the old man hated and abused at every opportunity for being an ugly runt. Dab did her best to act as a mediator between her brothers and despaired at their rivalry.

One day whilst Spittle was distracted, Imelza noticed that the door to the attic was open. She encouraged Dab to escape to freedom in the outside world. Dab reluctantly followed her mother. Unbeknownst to the cats, with the Great Plague raging on, mobs of humans were blaming animals for its spread and savagely killing any they found. Imelza was caught by the mob and beaten to death with Dab as a horrified witness.

The mob began attacking Dab and broke her leg, but before anything else could happen, Molly appeared in her plague doctor uniform and took the cat home with her. She bandaged Dab's leg and gave her milk to drink. Will had gone looking for the cats and was able to take Dab back to the apothecary shop with him.

Weeks later, Dab awoke to the sight of Dr. Spittle approaching her menacingly. He grabbed her and though she cried out for help from Jupiter, her brother was asleep and did not hear her. Leech had but as she specifically called for Jupiter's aid, he did nothing and coldly watched her being taken from the attic. The next morning, Jupiter saw that the attic window was open and assumed Dab had left due to how upset she was over he and Leech's fighting.

What really happened to Dab would eventually be discovered by Jupiter when the spirit of Magnus Zachaire urged him to look into a cabinet kept locked by Spittle so he could see "the depths of his black heart" and thus be swayed to help Zachaire in his revenge on the alchemist. Inside the pickled remains of Dab floated in a jar. Spittle had murdered and dissected the cat as part of his twisted anatomical studies. Jupiter was grief-stricken and any devotion he had once had toward Spittle as his master immediately vanished. Filled with fury, Jupiter drank the Elixir of Life and thundered down the attic steps to confront the alchemist.