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Dr. Elias Theophrastus Spittle (born Samuel Godwin) was a mad alchemist. He kidnapped a boy named Will (whom he framed so he could work for him), who then found a bunch of dying kittens. Of these kittens he named one Jupiter and made him his familiar (an animal apprentice). He later died when his shop burnt down.


Spittle was born in Adcombe where he was originally known as Samuel Godwin, brother of Daniel Godwin and eldest of the siblings. At Daniel's birth, he hated him with a passion, and secretly almost murdered the infant from jealousy. As the brothers grew, the goodhearted Daniel saw Samuel for the evil person he was and cut off contact with him. Samuel deeply resented the fact that their father gave the estate to Daniel, passing him over as the eldest. Eventually he moved to London and changed his name to Elias Theophrastus Spittle in an attempt to sever ties to the Godwin family, but Daniel's existence continued to loom over him until his younger brother's death from smallpox in 1664.



  • In 1649, Dr. Spittle witnessed the execution of Charles I and was able to gather some of his blood in a glass phial. He did so because the blood of a royal is precious in the art of sorcery.
  • Spittle had an interest in gemstones and their powers. He wrote about them in his journals.
  • Robin Jarvis has said he imagined Spittle as looking like the actor Alastair Sim. He used his barber as reference however when illustrating the character, and included the scene where Spittle cuts Will's hair as a nod to him.