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We are all anxious for word of Her.
―Fearn to Morwenna

Fearn was one of the royal princesses at Greenreach during the time of the Starwife who preceded Ysabelle. She and her sisters dwelt in the sacred groves.


She wore a circlet on her brow with a finely cut stone in its centre. A mantle of white covered her shoulders and she wore a silver belt about her waist.

Role in The Oaken Throne[]

Fearn stopped Morwenna to ask how the squirrel queen was doing, adding that she and her sisters were praying for her, hoping that the hours she had left would be peaceful. When she was out of earshot, Morwenna pulled a sour face and hissed under her breath that Fearn and the other princesses were only excited at the possibility that one of them might become the next Starwife.