Giraldus was a mole afflicted with leprosy which made him blind. He and his shrew companion Tysle Symkyn appear in The Oaken Throne.

Background Edit

One morning, Giraldus chanced upon the river bank home of the Symkyn family, where the night before the shrews had been attacked and killed by Hobbers. He took it upon himself to bury them, and it was in doing so that he heard a small voice gasping from a pile of bodies. It was Tysle, who had been left for dead by the Hobbers. Giraldus did what he could to heal the shrew who then, out of gratitude, became the mole's guide.

Giraldus and Tysle set off on a pilgrimage to Greenreach in the hopes of becoming healed; the former from his leprosy and the latter from his lame leg, which was a result of the Hobbers' attack.

Role in The Oaken Throne Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Giraldus was originally going to be in league with Hrethel, but this idea was dropped as it would have made for one treacherous character too many in a book that already had several.
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