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Godfrey Gelenos was prime counselor and advisor to Lady Ninnia of The Hazel Realm. He also served as tutor to her daughter, Princess Ysabelle.

The eldest and most learned of the four advisors to Ninnia, Godfrey taught his sovereign's daughter the histories and customs of the realm. He was never seen without a book or manuscript tucked under his arm. Nothing gave him more pleasure than to spend long hours reading a scholarly document. It was even said that Lady Ninnia had bowed to his judgement on more than one occasion.

Role in The Oaken Throne[]

After bats attack the Hazel Realm on the morning of Aldertide, Godfrey is commanded by Ninnia to find what maps of the outlying country he can. This is because Ninnia has learned that Greenreach has fallen and the Starwife has been murdered. She knows it is the duty of the Hazel Realm to put a new Starwife on the throne. Godfrey asks who will be taking up the silver acorn, reminding Ninnia that as she already wears the bronze hazelnut she cannot accept another position within the squirrel monarchy unless she relinquishes the Hazel. Ninnia assures her advisor that that is not her plan. She then announces that her daughter, Ysabelle, will be the new Starwife. Everyone is shocked, not least Ysabelle herself.

Godfrey is told that he will be accompanying the young princess on her journey to Greenreach, along with every guard of the Hazel Realm.