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Greenwich Park (known as Greenreach or Grinuvicia in the past) is a former hunting park in Greenwich and one of the largest single green spaces in south-east London. It is one of the Royal Parks of London, and the first to be enclosed (in 1433), it covers 74 hectares (180 acres).

The Starwife, the magic-wielding queen of the squirrels, resides beneath one of the ancient oaks in Greenwich Park.


The dynasty of Starwives goes back to dawn of days, when the first black squirrel was born in one of the new trees upon the hill. From a branch of the tree hung the Silver Acorn, which would become the symbol of the Starwives, and one of their main sources of power (the other being the Starglass).

The black squirrels would eventually spread out and start other kingdoms across the land, but the Starwife remained in Greenwich. She who held the position before Ysabelle used her magic to place enchantments around the border of the realm to keep intruders out. These were cast off by the treacherous Morwenna in the time of the war between the bats and the squirrels, though when Ysabelle ascended the throne they were restored.

During the Middle Ages, a tree known as the Hallowed Oak stood upon the hill, and it was here that the Starwife dwelt. A ring of lesser trees occupied by her subjects surrounded it, and there were also sacred groves where the royal princesses lived. It was tradition for a new Starwife to be selected from their number.