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Ancient was the city of Hara, one of the true hallowed places upon the Earth - built in the deep shadows of the past to glorify the spirit of the Green.
―Description of Hara

Hara is an ancient city in India inhabited by animals who worship the Green Mouse.


The city of Hara was founded long ago by a wealthy warrior king. He wanted to build a stronghold in the mountains, but coming there he beheld a vision of the Green. Afterward, he gave up his power and wealth, choosing to stay within the mountain communing with the Green until the day he died. His kin built the city around him.

In the years since, there has always been a sadhu at the top of the thousand steps carved into the mountain. Called Holy Ones, they are a blessed order and highly respected both within the city of Hara and abroad. The Holy One is the head of the Green Council, and often he will be consulted in times of trouble.