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You tigers always after Heliodorus's bones. Well, he not let you have them, see, not never.
―Heliodorus to Imelza

Heliodorus was a black rat captured by Elias Theophrastus Spittle and kept in a cage hanging from the ceiling in his attic. In his former life, he was a nomad who traveled the world and saw strange, exotic sights. He spoke with a thick accent which he picked up from all the individuals he had met throughout his life.

When Imelza and her kittens came to the apothecary shop, Heliodorus took great pleasure in taunting them from his lofty position. He referred to them as tigers.

While trying to recreate the formula for the Elixir of Life from Magnus Augustus Zachaire's instructions, Dr. Spittle did not trust the wily spirit and had his rats test each one. He threw a piece of dried meat coated in one of the mixtures into Heliodorus's cage and the rat ate it. All at once he began to convulse wildly and all his hair popped out before he dropped dead. His last words were "Hobb is come!"

Later Jupiter discovered the remains of Heliodorus floating in a jar, having been preserved by Dr. Spittle.