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Hobb very scaresome. Him not nice - oh no.
Madame Akkikuyu

Hobb is the most powerful and feared member of the Raith Sidhe. A hideous horned rat, he is the Lord of the Underworld, and his consort is Mabb. He revels in bloodshed, and his followers peel their victims in his honour. Presently he is imprisoned within an ancient oak tree, having been defeated by the Starwife Ysabelle in ages past. However, it has been heavily implied that the time of his imprisonment is drawing to an end, for soon it appears the Raith Sidhe will rise once more to torment the waking world.[1]


Hobb takes the form of a rat with great horns protruding from his forehead. He has a mass of red hair which curls like a mane about him. His tail is forked and he has cloven hooves.

Role in The Oaken Throne[]

The high priest of Hobb calls his master from the Pit via a blood sacrifice using the power of the stolen Silver Acorn. Slowly, the god of the rats rises upward, and Ysabelle is cursed to be his first victim. For three nights, he bellows beneath the ground, announcing his ascent. On the third occasion, he rises from the ground at Greenreach. At the time, Morwenna, the priestess of Mabb, is wearing the Silver Acorn and inadvertently becomes his first victim as a result. The curse, in fact, was on whoever wore the Silver Acorn, rather than Ysabelle in particular.

Thinking quickly, Ysabelle brings the Silver Acorn to the Starglass, cleaning it of the blood that had sullied it. Having gained all the powers of the Starwifeship, Ysabelle turns her attention back to Hobb. Knowing that he was lured by an acorn, she uses all the magic she can muster to make one his prison. Much to the evil rat god's disbelief, he is trapped within an ordinary acorn, unable to escape. Ysabelle orders it to be planted so a tree will grow. As long as a squirrel remains on the Oaken Throne, and a twig or leaf of the tree remains, Hobb will not be able to return.

Rat Zodiac[]

Hobb governs a portion of the constellations in the Rat Zodiac. The moon enters the house of Hobb on the 16th of February every year and leaves it on the 5th of June. His signs include The Peeler, The Bloodybones, The Glutted Sack, and The Claw.[2]

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