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Tread not into the fearsome night
But pull the covers high
Step not into the wild dark wood
For the Hobbers are dancing nigh.
―Old nursery rhyme

Hobber is a follower of the Raith Sidhe (which is comprised of the rat deities Hobb, Mabb, and Bauchan). Though initially the cult was comprised of only rats, it spread throughout the forests of medieval Britain to the point where other creatures joined its ranks. Hobbers were known to be viciously cruel and murderous, killing innocents as sacrifices to their gods. Their most well-known form of sacrifice, referred to as peeling, was done as a tribute to Hobb. This involved skinning the victim alive. The high priests of Hobb would wear special costumes which mimicked the appearance of a flayed corpse. Decapitation sacrifices were done in tribute to Bauchan, the trickster god and master of disguise.

With the rise of Jupiter in the sewers of Deptford, subsequent generations of rats who lived there swore servitude to him as their living god, abandoning their previous beliefs in the Raith Sidhe. However, there were still those who worshipped Hobb, Mabb, and Bauchan in secret at a long-forgotten temple to them located in a hidden sewer chamber. The practice of peeling continued to be carried out by Jupiter's rats, though its earlier connection to Hobb was no longer acknowledged.