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Hrethel was a crazed monster and we do not speak of him.

Hrethel was one of the five counsellors of the bats during the Middle Ages. He was known as the Warden of the Great Book. Entrusted with this tome of magic spells, he gained much wisdom and power from it. He became so obsessed with the Great Book that he refused to let anyone else read from it, touch it, or even see it. In his chamber below St. Paul's Cathedral he gloated over his prize.

Afraid that the gifts of insight which the Lady of the Moon bestowed on her subjects would allow them to see into his black heart, Hrethel used the powers of the Great Book to steal them away from the other bats. He found a scapegoat in the squirrel leader, the Starwife, and waged a long and bloody war against she and her kind.

When Hrethel's treachery was revealed, the bat army besieged his chamber, but could not pass into it due to charms he had lain upon the threshold. Hrethel perished, but before he died he cheated everyone one last time by wiping the pages of the Great Book.