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Remember us, Belle, when the dangers are past and you sit upon the throne in Greenreach. Think of us. Do not forget me, little one.

Lord Cyllinus was the father of Ysabelle and the consort of Lady Ninnia in the Hazel Realm, which was one of the five royal houses of black squirrels. He was the head of a house of princes.


Cyllinus was a quiet, thoughtful squirrel. A loving parent, Cyllinus adored his daughter and easily gave in to her charms. When she wished to join the Aldertide festivities and mingle with their subjects, he could not refuse her.


Role in The Oaken Throne[]

When the bats flew over the Hazel Realm, Cyllinus was terrified for his daughter's safety, but relieved when he discovered that she had been saved by Wendel Maculatum. Facing another attack by the bats at nightfall, Cyllinus reluctantly agreed with his wife to send their daughter on a journey to Greenreach to become the next Starwife while they stayed behind as a diversion.

Saying their goodbyes, Cyllinus broke down in tears while Ninnia forced herself to remain standoffish. Her husband could not understand her behaviour and, after Ysabelle's departure, he grew cold toward Ninnia (whose stoic mask had finally cracked) and chose to focus on the coming battle rather than attempting to comfort her.

Later, on the road to Greenreach, Ysabelle suddenly gasped and clutched her chest at the moment both her parents were killed, having sensed their pain.