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Molly finally knew the cruel ways of the city and how to deal with the harshness of life. She had been forced to learn the hard way, yet somehow had managed to survive. She was wiser now, and a little older. No man would take her for a fool anymore and her fractured heart was impervious to honeyed words and a dashing smile.
―Description of Molly

Margaret "Molly" Balker was the estranged daughter of John Balker. She left Adcombe to go to London.


After the death of Molly's mother, her father became difficult to live with, blaming everyone for her death. In John Balker's grief and loneliness he would lash out at his daughter. Finally Molly could take no more and and fled from Adcombe and her father. Believing that as London was such a large city, it would be easy to hide in, Molly chose to go there.

Once John Balker did manage to find his daughter and tried to drag her back to Adcombe, but the man she was with at the time saw him off. Mr. Balker cursed and damned his daughter, disowning her and saying he would never return.

When Molly first came to London, she had relationships with several men (including Sir Francis Lingley), and they all ended badly. As a result she became cynical and street smart.