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Modequai is making himself more popular with each passing day, and discontent with the Starwife is running high.
Gervase Brightkin

Modequai was a black squirrel who came with his daughter Morella to Greenwich ten years after the fall of Jupiter. Their appearance was quite a shock, as black squirrels were supposedly a dead race. There were rumours that Modequai and his daughter were the last surviving members of the Hawthorn Realm.

As soon as the pair arrived, Modequai had an audience with the Starwife, Audrey Scuttle. He demanded that Audrey relinquish the throne and give the silver acorn to his daughter. Though Audrey refused him, she still allowed Modequai and Morella to stay at Greenwich. Quickly Mordequai gained favour with Audrey's grey squirrel subjects, who already resented her for being a mouse rather than a squirrel. Eventually, Modequai and a number of grey squirrels barged into the Starwife's chamber and tore the silver acorn from about her neck. Then his daughter became the new Starwife as the 'Usurping Mouse' was chased away.