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Piccadilly (b. 19 February[1] - d. 17 January[2]) was a young Cockney mouse from the city of London.


Piccadilly had grey fur and was covered with freckles. He had dark shaggy hair which fell into a fringe over his forehead and eyes. A belt of string was looped across his shoulder and around his waist. It held his mousebrass, a small knife, and a leather pouch for other belongings.


From living on his own, Piccadilly developed a tough and snarky personality. He had a sharp tongue and could easily use his street smarts to deal with anyone who gave he and his friends trouble. As thick-skinned as he outwardly appeared to be, however, he still had a sensitive side and was deeply hurt by the way Audrey initially treated him. Believing he abandoned her father to a grisly fate, Audrey insulted Piccadilly by implying he was a coward and making him feel insecure about his lack of education and refinement. He preferred to stay clear of Audrey, afraid she would say mean things. Thus he remained unaware of her growing affection for him.


Piccadilly was born in the city of London on 19 February, presumably in the mouse colony Holeborn, one year before Arthur and Audrey Brown. His mother and father were killed by an underground train when he was very young, and as a result he became independent, relying only on his own sharp wits.


Role in The Dark Portal[]

While on a foraging mission, Piccadilly became lost in the sewers and found himself in the tunnels below Deptford. There he met Albert Brown who was hopelessly lost and looking for a way out. The two became fast friends. Though at first Piccadilly was unconcerned about the possibility of meeting sewer rats, Albert warned him that the ones in Deptford were not like the cowards he knew in the city, as they were under the control of the evil being Jupiter. Eventually the two realised they were a short distance from Jupiter's lair, where the unseen god was discussing something with his lieutenant Morgan. Albert sensed the fate of the world was at stake and became determined to listen in on the conversation, much to Piccadilly's dismay. Suddenly Morgan discovered Albert and captured him. Piccadilly was forced to flee for his life as the doomed Albert tossed him his mousebrass and instructed him to give it to his wife, Gwen.

He finds his way to the Skirtings, where he grows to love Audrey. His kindness is returned by nothing but cruel words, for Audrey couldn't forgive him for surviving and never attempting to save her father. He becomes friends with Oswald Chitter or 'Whitey' as he calls him, as well as Arthur and Twit.

Role in The Crystal Prison[]

Piccadilly continues to stay in the Skirtings, helping to tend to Oswald when the albino mouse falls ill. Despite everyone's best efforts, it is believed that Oswald will not make it, so Piccadilly decides that after his friend's passing he will return to the city. Arthur tells him that everyone will miss him, especially Audrey, which puzzles Piccadilly as he was sure she hated him.

Audrey, Twit, and Thomas Triton return from a trip to Greenwich with a magical cure for Oswald from the Starwife. He makes a full recovery and everyone celebrates. Piccadilly joins in the dancing where he chooses Nel Poot as a partner multiple times. Seeing Audrey watching him, he approaches her and asks what she wants. She tells him that the next day she will be leaving with Twit and Arthur to go to the former's home of Fennywolde in the country, and adds that he can come and wave them off if he likes. Piccadilly is hurt and mistakenly believes that Audrey is leaving the Skirtings because of him, though in reality she was forced to do so as part of an agreement with the Starwife for Oswald's cure.

The next morning, Piccadilly slips away before anyone else is awake, leaving a note explaining that he decided to go back to the city. When she reads it, Audrey is devastated and filled with regret for her rude behaviour to him.

Role in The Final Reckoning[]

He returns in The Final Reckoning, as the Minister of War in Holeborn, the mouse community where he lives in the city. He finds that Morgan is still alive and being referred to as 'Old Stumpy.' He has been building an army of rats from the city. Piccadilly is ready to fulfill his vow, but before he can do so, Morgan and his army take over Holeborn and kill the mice living there.

After returning to the Skirtings, Piccadilly sets off with Arthur and Thomas Triton to the Power Station to kill Jupiter. After seeing the skin of his friend Marty from Holeborn, Piccadilly challenges Morgan and they fight, but in the end, the rat commits suicide. Thomas is wounded by an ice spear and Arthur takes him back to the Skirtings, while Piccadilly goes to try to defeat Jupiter alone, but he is killed.

He returns one last time as a ghost and kisses Audrey before being led by Albert Brown to the afterlife.

(Note: Piccadilly was Audrey Scuttle's first love interest in, The Dark Portal.)


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