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Although I was pronounced head of the Council, he is not lesser than I - in fact in some ways his strength is the greater.
The Holy One, speaking of Simoon

Simoon was a jerboa prophet and a member of the Green Council. He was heavily implied to be immortal. Most certainly he has been granted a much longer lifespan than other creatures.


Though referred to as Simoon, derived from the Arabic word for a hot dry desert wind, that was not the jerboa prophet's true name. He would not divulge what he was first called to anyone and instead chose the aforementioned alias for others to address him.

Part of an order of magicians and enchanters who worked for the Green's greater glory, Simoon was the only one of them who was not slain in the battle at the first temple of Suruth Scarophion long ago. He was too slow and small to ascend the steps of the temple at the speed of the others, and so was spared a gruesome death by the black venom that spewed from Scarophion's carcass.

It was Simoon who suggested that the ninth and greatest fragment of the jade egg of Scarophion should be moved continuously throughout the Green shrines of the world. In this way, it became hallowed and when all the pieces were finally brought together, the egg was ruined and Scarophion could not be reborn.


  • Robin Jarvis has stated on his website that "we haven't seen the last of Simoon", indicating that he will appear again in a future book. This will likely be the final Deptford Mice novel if it ever sees publication.