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He ain't no proper gentleman either - meaning he ain't got no land nor nothin'. All he owns is a chest full of fancy clothes and a couple of rooms near Whitehall.
Molly explaining the truth about Lingley

Sir Francis Lingley was a foppish customer of Elias Theophrastus Spittle and his longtime rival. A commoner by birth, his fancy clothes and refined behaviour were all an act to gain favour in the court of King Charles II.


Born the son of a Stepney innkeeper with the name Frank, Lingley changed it to the French-sounding Francis as was the fashion at the court of the king. His Majesty spent some time in France prior to the restoration of the monarchy, and so liked things to sound French.

Lingley and Molly Balker were once in a romantic relationship, but he ended up breaking her heart. He cared more about his looks than he did her.

Role in The Alchymist's Cat[]

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