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That's Smiler, but don't you let him hear yer call him that. One of the best diggers he is - uses 'is bare claws: that's why he stays up at the front at the mine face.

Smiler was a rat who lived in the sewers of Deptford.


In his youth, Smiler lied to Morgan, who retaliated by having his lips cut off. Smiler would thereafter always appear to have a ghastly grin on his face, hence his nickname.


Smiler's most striking feature was undoubtedly his permanent grin due to his lack of lips. He was one of the biggest and strongest rats, which made him an excellent digger in Jupiter's mine.


  • Smiler is apparently only a nickname, as Finn warns Oswald not to call him that to his face. However, his actual name is never mentioned.
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