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The Giri household was a two-storied, lime-washed building with flowers spilling from the balconies and there they were greeted and made most welcome by a pretty mongoose maiden whom they learned was the captain's sister.
―Introduction of Sobhan

Sobhan Giri was an Indian mongoose who lived in Hara. She was the sister of Chattan Giri and the grandmother of Little Chattan.


Role in Thomas[]

Sobhan meets Thomas Stubbs and Woodget Pipple when they arrive with her brother Chattan on his return to Hara. She welcomes them into the Giri household.

Later in the night when the Scale attack Hara, she emerges with everyone else and defends the city alongside her brother. She expresses irritation with Dimlon (alter ego of the villainous Dahrem Ruhar) when he feigns cowardice to get out of participating in the battle, and comments that there are infants showing more courage than him.

In the fighting, Sobhan's sword is destroyed in a battle with a Scalian weasel. Though she grabs a scimitar from a nearby dead rat and makes as if to continue the fight, Chattan tells her that it is useless as there are too many of the Scale. He says her time would be better spent seeing to the city's children and finding an escape route for them. Seeing his wisdom, she bids farewell to her brother and goes to do as told.

After the defeat of the Scale, Sobhan accompanies the survivors of the attack on Hara in the Chandi to Singapore where they meet with Simoon, Thomas, and Woodget.

Many years later, Sobhan is a grandmother taking her grandson, named Little Chattan after his great uncle, for his first trip to see the Holy One. Sobhan clearly recognises the new sadhu as Woodget and makes several attempts to help the amnesiac fieldmouse remember his true identity, but he says he is content to let his former life remain unknown to him.