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Hobblantern Yet, if only they knew what was truly awakening, deep within the medieval forests...
This article has been distinguished as part of the real world and thus should not be taken as part of the fictional universe of the Deptford Mice books.

Stephen Thorne (born 2 March 1935) is a British actor of radio, film, stage and television. He was born in London in 1935.

He has recorded over 300 unabridged audiobooks including children's stories which have earned critical acclaim in both the UK and the US. Awards include a Talkies Award 1996 for Enigma by Robert Harris and several Golden Earphones Awards from Audiofile Magazine.

Thorne has narrated unabridged audiobooks of all the novels in Robin Jarvis' Deptford Mice and Deptford Histories trilogies for the Royal National Institute of Blind People. They are available for free to those who are visually impaired.