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The Ancient was the messenger of the moon goddess. He descended long ago in the form of a hare to speak with the Green, becoming the first creature to walk the earth. For many long centuries he dwelt in a chamber beneath the ground, awaiting the time when he would need to rise and do battle with Hobb.


The physical form of the Ancient is that of a wizened hare. His eyes are strikingly large, round, and silver, resembling the moon itself. He wears a crown of dried leaves on his brow. It is unclear what shape he may take as a spirit.


Role in The Oaken Throne[]

Role in Whortle's Hope[]

Whortle Nep encountered the Ancient when he wandered off into the chamber beneath the Grelffit Houm where the latter had dwelt since the woodlanders moved to Fennywolde. The Ancient was shrouded in darkness so Whortle could not see who it was he was talking to. When he asked his name, the Ancient identified himself as Oldest. He told Whortle not to fear Woppenfrake, Willibald, and Firgild, assuring him that they had good and noble hearts. He also warned Whortle to 'beware the straw that walks'. Firgild found Whortle and told him that he mustn't bother their guest, but the Ancient replied that Whortle hadn't been bothering him and that he was expected.


  • The Ancient was likely based on the legend of the Moon Rabbit.