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The Deptford Mice Trilogy To Be Reissued This Year

It was recently announced by The Bookseller that Pushkin Children's Books have acquired worldwide publishing rights to The Deptford Mice and will be reissuing the trilogy throughout 2024. They are to feature stunning new covers and illustrations by Robin Jarvis himself. In addition, the books will be "freshly edited", although the article does not go into detail about what sort of edits they're getting.

Here is a quote from Robin about the reissues: "When Pushkin Children’s first approached me, saying they wanted to reissue the Deptford Mice, I was naturally delighted. The love and enthusiasm their team has for those books is amazing and exciting. It’s very rare for an author to be given the opportunity to go back 35 years and give their first published work a thorough dusting, but that’s what I wanted to do. So, I was over the moon when Pushkin let me polish and refresh the trilogy for a new generation, and stuff it with far more new illustrations than they asked for. For that, me (and the mice) are eternally grateful."

More information will be added here on the wiki as it becomes available. The Dark Portal is set to be released in March 2024, with The Crystal Prison and The Final Reckoning following in June and September respectively.