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The Great Oak is an ancient tree in Greenwich Park. Seeded in the 12th century, it is said to have had a strong link to the Tudor dynasty. King Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn danced around it, and their daughter Queen Elizabeth I often took refreshment while sitting in its shade. The tree is also referred to as Queen Elizabeth's Oak due to its connection to her. During later years when it became hollow it supposedly was used as a lock-up by park police.

According to legend, this is the very tree that grew from the acorn in which a former Starwife, Ysabelle, imprisoned the evil rat god Hobb many hundreds of years ago. While a twig or leaf of it remains in existence, he cannot escape.

The tree has been dead since the late 19th century, and a strong growth of ivy supported it until a rainstorm caused it to fall in June of 1991. This incident gave the grey squirrels of Greenwich doubts as what right the present Starwife, Audrey Scuttle, had to the throne. They believed that the Great Oak being felled was an ill omen due to Audrey being a mouse rather than a squirrel, the species that traditionally held the Starwifeship. Indeed, when Ysabelle placed the spell that trapped Hobb in the acorn, she specifically stated that as long as a squirrel sat upon the oaken throne, the world was safe.