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The Green Mouse, sometimes referred to as simply The Green, is a magical figure in woodland mythology. A benevolent deity worshiped by many animals, he is the essence of all growing things whose power is at its height in the summertime but dies entirely in the winter. His influence is behind many of the adventures the Deptford Mice become entangled with. He has manipulated events far more than even they can guess.


According to legend, on the 25th of December the Green Mouse first awakened in Crete on the site that would later become the Shrine of Virbius. In ancient times, the forest was filled with sacred streams that connected the shrines to the Green. Each was tended by a member of the royal house of black squirrels, and they considered their duties a great honour.

One shrine was the Orchard of Duir, where the Green planted seven sacred trees before the arrival of winter. He took refuge in an oak tree within when the ice finally overcame his defences.


The Green, when he appears, usually takes the form of a regal emerald-hued mouse with a mane of leaves. A crown of wheat is atop his head, and his coat is decorated with mousebrasses.


  • The Green Mouse is inspired by the mythical Green Man.


Acorntransparent The smallest acorn may become the tallest oak.
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