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The Hazel Realm, or Coll Regalis, was one of the five royal houses of black squirrels. The hazel is regarded as the fount of all knowledge, and Coll Regalis was second only to Greenreach in its importance. Its queen wore a bronze hazelnut necklace.

No magic guarded the borders of the Hazel Realm, as (with the possible exception of the Hawthorn Realm) Greenreach was the only squirrel house to possess such power. Instead, sentries kept constant vigil near the untamed forest's edge.

Within the Hazel Realm, an avenue of trees led to a circle of nine hazel trees, and in the middle was a large oak tree in which the royal family dwelt. Below were lush and beautiful green lawns, tended to by the occupants of the land.

The last ruler of the Hazel Realm was Lady Ninnia, the mother of Ysabelle. It was destroyed by the bat army on Aldertide (since then the holiday has not been celebrated by the squirrels due to the association).


  • From the description of the map used to guide Ysabelle and her entourage to Greenreach, it appears that the Hazel Realm lay somewhere to the south of that land.
  • Coll Regalis is Latin for Royal Hill.