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The war between the squirrels and bats was very savage, and neither side knew that the pagan gods of the rats were the real enemy, not till it was nearly too late.

The Holy Wars were fought in the Middle Ages between the bats and the squirrels. Because of the mistaken belief that the squirrels had stolen their powers of prophecy and insight, the bats waged bloody battles against them.


Lord Hrethel, leader of the bats, was responsible for beginning the Holy Wars. He was the Warden of the Great Book, their most prized volume filled with spells of great power. Ultimately he would become obsessed with the Great Book, so much so that he refused to let anyone else read from it, touch it, or even see it. He gloated over his prize in a chamber below St. Paul's Cathedral. Fearing that the gifts of prophecy and insight which the Lady of the Moon bestowed on her subjects would allow them to see into his black heart, Hrethel used the powers of the Great Book to steal them away from the other bats. Seeking a scapegoat, he claimed that it was the squirrel queen, the Starwife, who took the bats' gifts with dark magic. Never questioning Hrethel's authority, his fellow bats believed him. Thus began a brutal conflict that would last for many years.

Propaganda began to spread amongst the bats and squirrels, with each species mistakenly believing that the other was savage and cruel. At the same time, the pagan cult of the Raith Sidhe was growing throughout the forests, and was allowed to do so entirely unchecked for the most part because the forces of good were distracted and expending their energies in a pointless war based on ignorance.