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Our lord is loose! Our sovereign is at liberty!
―The merlins

The Peregrine Falcon was summoned by the Starwife to bear the Silver Acorn to safety.

Role in The Oaken Throne[]

The peregrine falcon had been trained by a lord and was the pride of his owner. He roosted with merlins and a hobby, but while the merlins showed him great respect and spoke to him in humble and devoted tones, the hobby was rude and boastful.

One night as he slept in the mews, a hood over his eyes and his feet tied with ribbons of leather, the peregrine was startled into wakefulness by some unseen force. He was overcome by a feeling of urgency and fear that compelled him to act. He knew he was needed somewhere.

Much to the shock of the other birds, the unseen force untied the leather ribbons that bound the peregrine. Immediately he tore the hood from his head. The shutters of the mews magically burst open, and he took off into the night.

Arriving at his destination of war-torn Greenreach, the peregrine perched at a windowsill and found the dying Starwife. She gave him her Silver Acorn pendant and told him to take it somewhere safe. Before the treacherous Morwenna could grab the charm, the peregrine was gone.

After murdering the Starwife in a rage, Morwenna commanded the bat army to pursue the peregrine and retrieve the Silver Acorn. By the next day, they were flying over the Hazel Realm, where Aldertide celebrations were underway. The bats caught up to the peregrine falcon, slicing him to shreds with their gauntlets. The Silver Acorn dropped from his claws and fell down into the paws of the bewildered Ysabelle, princess of the Hazel Realm. Before she had time to think, the peregrine's corpse came crashing down and she frantically leapt out of the way to avoid it. The peregrine had fulfilled his promise to the Starwife, but at the cost of his life.