The Deptford Mice Wiki
Before His Highness came, all those years ago, there were the three gods! They were not living gods like Him but gods in the true sense. The three gods of the rats - now forgotten by all save a few dedicated ones like meself.
One-Eyed Jake

The Raith Sidhe are the three ancient gods of the rats who were overthrown by Jupiter but are plotting their return to power. Most dreaded of all is Hobb, the hideous horned rat, who revels in bloodshed. Mabb, his consort, is known as the Sleep Visitor, for she visits rats in their dreams and inspires them to commit murder. Bauchan is a trickster who can appear in any form he desires to walk unnoticed among his followers.

Those who worshiped the Raith Sidhe were known as Hobbers. Generally they would flay their victims in tribute to Hobb, though decapitation was also sometimes done in honour of Bauchan. Most Hobbers were rats, but other creatures also joined their ranks.

A long-forgotten temple dedicated to the worship of the Raith Sidhe exists in the sewers of Deptford. Within are three stone altars, and above each is a portrait of the member of the trio for whom it pays tribute. This was used secretly when Jupiter was in power, for there were a few still devoted to the Raith Sidhe. One-Eyed Jake frequented the temple, though eventually he was found out and punished by Jupiter for his betrayal.

The signs of the Rat Zodiac are governed by the members of the Raith Sidhe. With the exception of the dreaded sign of The Mouse, all fall under the houses of Hobb, Mabb, and Bauchan.