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That amulet holds tremendous powers - until it is joined with the stabilizing forces of the Starglass, it is a perilous device.
Godfrey Gelenos

The Silver Acorn is the Starwives' badge of office, a pendant imbued with magical powers that is worn around their necks. It is a symbol of their knowledge and wisdom. In legend, the silver acorn was found hanging from a branch of an oak tree by the first squirrel to awaken in the deeps of time.

Before the Starglass was destroyed, young squirrel maidens wishing to become the Handmaiden of Orion needed to join the acorn with it and allow the magical powers to channel through them. Only then would they inherit all that the Starwifeship entailed.

Such tremendous levels of magic are contained within the Silver Acorn that it could cause terrible damage if it fell into the wrong paws. Indeed, the high priest of Hobb was once able to use it to successfully call his evil lord from the Pit and back into the waking world. Until the powers are stabilized by a reigning Starwife, the Silver Acorn is capable of practically anything.

Notable appearances of the Silver Acorn[]

  • In The Oaken Throne, a penegrine falcon taking the silver acorn to safety was killed by bats, and so the squirrelmaiden Ysabelle caught the pendant as it fell from the sky. This begins her journey to become the Starwife.