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It is my life, and it has been the life of every Starwife before me. Our most precious and most powerful possession.
The Starwife

The Starglass was a large, flat, shiny black disc of glass set into a carved wooden frame. It was as tall as three mice, and about the size of a single squirrel.[1][2] It was owned by the Starwives and served as the source of much of their power, possessing all the wisdom of the heavens. They could use the magic of the Starglass to cast spells, scry the future, and see into the hearts of creatures to learn their true motives. It was closely linked with the Silver Acorn, and whenever the amulet would be brought near the Starglass, a magnetic force drew it nearer and nearer until the two objects met. If there was no active Starwife at the time, a ritual would begin as white flames of magic traveled from the Starglass, through the Silver Acorn, and into the veins of whoever was holding the amulet. When it was over, they would possess all the powers of a Starwife.

The spirit of Jupiter stole the Starglass and used it to remove the stars from the heavens. He was also going to blot out the sun, but was stopped by Audrey. During their confrontation, he dropped the Starglass and it shattered. According to seafaring folk, pieces of it fell all over the world.[3]

Notes and references[]

  1. The Crystal Prison, Chapter 3 (The Bargain) - The mice peered around the carved oak throne and there, as tall as three mice, was a flat disc of black, polished glass set in a carved wooden frame.
  2. The Oaken Throne, Chapter 1 (Blood on the Oak) - Slowly, she crept toward the centre of the room, where the Starglass rested upon an elaborate table. It was as wide as she was high, and for a moment she doubted if her cloak would cover it.
  3. The Deptford Mice Almanack, 19 January
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