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She seemed more dead than alive, yet there was about her an air of majesty which the advancing decay could not hide.
―Description of the Starwife

Though her name is not known, this Starwife preceded Ysabelle. In the late flowering of her youth, she created the magical barriers around Greenreach to keep the bats from attacking.


The Starwife was a black squirrel whose fur had turned white due to age. She was so emaciated that her skull was visible beneath her dry, withered skin. In spite of her decrepit appearance, there was still an air of majesty about her.

Role in The Oaken Throne[]

The health of the Starwife had been declining for quite some time. Unbeknownst to her, her trusted handmaiden Morwenna was poisoning her.

On the night before Aldertide, the Starwife told Morwenna of her plans to name a successor the next day. It was then that Morwenna revealed her treachery, and her plans to usurp the throne. She also explained that her cloak was a tapestry of spells and that, by placing it over the Starglass, she would cast down the protective barrier around Greenreach.

The Starwife was forced to watch in anguish as the bats attacked and began destroying her realm. But then her paw happened to touch the Silver Acorn around her neck, and she felt a glimmer of hope. With all her waning strength, she used telepathy to summon a peregrine falcon to her window. Morwenna returned just in time to see the Starwife give the Silver Acorn to the peregrine, telling him to take it to safety and let no other claim it. He flew away into the night. In rage, Morwenna stabbed the Starwife, killing her.



The Starwife trusted Morwenna completely, and it appears she never once suspected that her handmaiden had wicked intentions. When Morwenna revealed her treachery to her, the Starwife was totally shocked and horrified.


A priestess of the Green, the water vole Virianna was an ally of the Starwife and served her in the capacity of Tender of the Hallowed Oak.