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The Wolf Killers was a club created by five young fieldmice of Fennywolde: Todkin, Hodge, Whortle Nep, Figgy Bottom and Samuel Gorse. The name was Todkin's idea, although none of them had ever seen a wolf nor killed anything. They simply thought it sounded bloodthirsty and glorious. In fact they wanted to identify with wolves and practiced howling which is what they had heard those animals did.

Their hideout was a little hut close to the northern edge of the meadow, made from woven twigs and straw, hidden by a camouflage of leaves.


  • Other names considered for the club were the Five Pips (by Hodge), the Sons of Fenny (by Whortle), the Small Tigers (by Samuel Gorse) and the Crawling Menace, which Figgy had suggested along with the Stinky Cheeses which no one else liked at all.