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He is my eyes in this unhappy world and without him I should trip over every root and stumble into every tree the forest had to offer.

Tysle Symkyn was a shrew who was the sole survivor of a Hobber attack that resulted in the deaths of the rest of his family. After being rescued by Giraldus the blind, leprous mole, he became his guide out of gratitude. His kind honour his memory every 11 August, which is known as Tysle Day.


Four years prior to the events of the book, Tysle and his family had been living in a peaceful riverside hamlet. As news of the growth of the Hobb cult began to spread, they paid little attention to the warnings. Then one night a raiding party of Hobbers attacked, dragging the shrews from their homes and forcing them to join them. Many refused, though some accepted out of sheer fright.

Left for dead amidst a pile of the bodies of those who wouldn't join the Hobbers, Tysle was found the next day by Giraldus, who happened upon the horrific scene and had taken it upon himself to bury the dead. The mole nursed Tysle back to health, and out of gratitude the shrew became his guide.

Giraldus and Tysle set off on a pilgrimage to Greenreach, hoping to be cured of their ailments; the former of his leprosy, and the latter of the lame leg he received as a result of the Hobbers' attack.

Role in The Oaken Throne[]

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