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Yours is a true heart, Vespertilio. Beware of it, for it is surely too large for thy chest to contain.
The Ancient

Vespertilio, more commonly known by his nickname Vesper, was a young bat. He was the son of Novatus and Indith of the ruined tower and the second colony.


Vesper lost his father at an early age when the latter was killed in battle with the squirrels. Vesper dreamed of taking up his father's gauntlets and screechmask Terrorgrin to fight the squirrels himself, for at the time he believed (as all his kind did) that they were evil. However, he wasn't old enough to become a Knight of the Moon.


Role in The Oaken Throne[]

On the day before the bat army would attack the squirrel stronghold of Greenreach, Vesper was sent by his mother to fetch pigment to decorate the wings of the Moonriders. Depressed that he was too young to be a Knight of the Moon and go into battle, Vesper found himself sitting atop the ruined tower for hours as the sun went down, contemplating suicide. He felt that as the coming battle would surely prove to be the end of the wars, he now would have no chance to become a Knight of the Moon. Finally he stepped off the tower, letting himself fall to the ground. But at the last minute, he changed his mind and flew upward, declaring that he would not be quenched that easily.

Returning home, Vesper encountered another young bat named Breca. Breca taunted Vesper and boasted that he had been chosen to rob bird nests for the eggs the pouch bombers used to create their bombs. Though Vesper knew that only cowards and weaklings were sent on egg raids, he still envied Breca for being able to see the pouch bombers take off one last time.

Vesper arrived home to find his mother still waiting for the pigment he had promised to bring hours before. He begged her to let him sneak along with the bat army to see the final battle at Greenreach, but she refused to let him do so, telling him the war was no silly game. Still, he slipped out without her knowing, wearing his father's screechmask and gauntlets. But as he flew, the heavy armour proved too much for him to carry and he tumbled to the ground, breaking his wing in the process.

To be continued


Vespertilio comes from the name of a genus of bats in the family Vespertilionidae. The common name for this family is vesper bats, which is a better known classification than Vespertilio.