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Mabb! Hear me! 'Tis I, Virianna - Daughter of Thamesis, Tender of the Hallowed Oak that is no more and Priestess of the Green.
―Virianna challenges Mabb

Virianna was an English watervole. She was the mother of Willibald, Woppenfrake and Firgild and the priestess of the Green who lived during the time of Fenlyn Purfote.


Virianna once served the old Starwife who preceded Ysabelle. Her husband had been killed by the bats. During the battle against the true enemies, the Hobbers, her sons were about to be hacked to pieces by a gang of them when Fenlyn Purfote and his army rescued them. Virianna was eternally grateful to the fieldmouse warrior and swore herself to his service.

It was Virianna who led Fenny and the other woodlanders to the field that would become Fennywolde. The location was chosen because of the still pool, a sacred shrine to the Green.

After the defeat of Hobb, the remaining members of the Raith Sidhe were out for vengeance against Fenny. One night, Mabb came for him and used her powers to lead the unconscious fieldmouse to the yew tree in the field. There she was about to hang him, but Virianna took a stand against her, offering her own life in exchange for Fenny's. Mabb agreed to take only one life that night if Virianna would relinquish the Green's protection. Reluctantly, she did so and Mabb was able to take control of her body. The rat goddess taunted Virianna, telling her that though she did promise to take just one life, she didn't specify whose. In Virianna's body, she proceeded with her plan and successfully hung Fenny.

Afterward, Mabb forced Virianna to dance insanely around the hanging tree. When the woodlanders were confronted with this scene, they believed Virianna had murdered Fenny and was a Hobber. As they saw her as a witch, she was burned alive and her sons were made to watch her execution. Only then did Mabb leave her body.