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What silly little bint 'ave we got tonight then, my old chuck? They don't learn, do they? These young know-it-all missies are all the same. We seen each an' every one, ain't we, Peachy?
―Mogs to her dead husband

Widow Mogs was one of two feline midwives in London during the 17th century. The other was Old Ma Wackette. Neither had ever met one another, but each had their own territory and they were essentially rivals. The cats of the city were loyal to either one or the other, and each generation would use the midwife the previous had.

Mogs' late husband's nickname was Peachy, and from the day he died she would talk to him as if he were still alive. Imelza sent for Mogs when she was ready to have her kittens, and the midwife delivered Jupiter, Dab, and Leech to her. When she first saw Leech, Mogs recommended that the sickly runt be killed, which horrified Imelza. She furiously ordered the midwife to leave.